Question 5800X3D Performance on Windows 11 is +++?

Feb 8, 2023
CPU Benchmarks Hierarchy 2022: Processor Ranking Charts | Tom's Hardware (

So Tom's has this great article that they update over and over and it's a stellar cpu comparison guide. Love it. There's one thing though that I can't figure out. The 5800X3D results don't match anything else I've read around the internet. I bought a 5900X some time ago because everything I was seeing was that it was within 5% in games with the 5800X3D and had a lot more to offer regarding other compute given the extra cores and such. So, I'm reviewing this article, which is basically saying the 5800X3D not only tops all of the new 7000 series CPUs, but trounces the 5900X by around 20%. Tried to corroborate this by looking at 3DMark Time Spy results and they show the average score for the 5800X3D is 3% LOWER than the 5900X (not uber thorough here, just looked at a comparison of the CPUs mated with an RTX 4080). Info from tells a similar story.

That's WAY different than what Tom's is reporting here. I don't get it. Anyone? Does Windows 11 have some freakish advantage with gaming on the X3D?
Many people use 3DMark as a benchmark reference and the top scores typically have the gpu and/or cpu overclocked. You can see this in the details list of a test run.

Time Spy runs two graphics test and a cpu test so this is factored int the final score. The independant scores can be reviewed as well.

In games that benefit from the extra memory cache the 5800x3d does surpass many cpu's including the 5900x.