6 monitor support


Aug 14, 2009
Hey guys I have been recieving extremely helpful information from this site for a very long time consisting of various topics, so considering that I have finally decided that it would be necessary to join this site as a member and see if i could others out as well!

Although while Im here I have stumbled upon a problem affecting me. First off, here are the specs that Im working with here:

evga 780i MB
q6600 quad core oc to 3.0
4 GB G Skill 1066 RAM
corsair 750 watt ps
plenty of ventilation
(2) evga 9800gtx's pcie-x16 (not in sli for multimonitor support)
(1) pny fx 5200 PCI (not pcie) (this is the card that is giving me all the trouble)
(2) Acer 22" monitors
(1) Asus 1080p 22" lcd monitor
(1) dell 17" lcd monitor
attempting to add another NEC 17"
Running Windows 7 RC1 with all updates and all 64 bit drivers for my MB

So heres whats happening....I shutdown my pc, install the pny PCI card in the available PCI slot, boot up my PC windows recognizes it and tells me i need to reboot to apply changes (doesnt tell me what changes have happened at all although I sort of assume obviously) so i reboot and when i get to my desktop its like nothing happened so i right click on my desktop and click on "personalize" and I see the monitors there but I have no options to extend windows desptop or ANYTHING....I thought maybe windows didnt apply the correct driver or something I wen right to the nvidia site and download the exact (windows 7 64-bit geforce 5 fx series) drivers that i need.....now I have tried 2 different way of applying these drivers 1 way is by simply double clicking the exe file after download completed and go throught the wizard setup and another way is extracting the exe file into a folder, go to device manger double click display, double click the video card that (fx5200) click on update driver and point to the folder that i extracted the files to and apply them that way and both wasy fail and give me the same symptoms which are REALLY WEIRD....after I reboot the system 3 of my monitors are disabled leaving me only with my main display (asus 22") and the resolution is at 640x480....by these symptoms I have only been lead to assume one thing, and that is, the fx5200 drivers were applied to my 9800gtx card.....which this should not happen when i apply them the second method

any takers on this guys? sorry for the typed novel lol i just dont like to be specific and detailed giving you a better idea of what your dealing with.