64 bit monitors



do they make a monitor that is 64 bit. mine is a viewsonic that is 32 bit and I put vista 64 bit on the cpu and it told me I had a display proplem
Alright, first you need to understand what those numbers mean. The 32 bit monitor refers to the number of colors it can display, and has no bearing on the specs that the computer hooked up to it needs to have. Did you install the proper 64 bit drivers for your GPU and monitor if necessary? 64 bit operating systems requires 64 bit drivers and if you didnt install the right driver for your GPU or monitor it wouldnt be able to display properly. Generally monitors can use the standard plug and play driver and do not require their own.


Jul 10, 2006
Uh, first off your monitor is 8-bit, meaning it is 16.7 or so million colours...a 10-bit monitor or TV can display as many as 1 billion colours.

So it is your OS that has changed as Hunter pointed out.