Question 6800xt resolution stuck at 1920x1080 windows 10 (solved)

Jul 11, 2022
I have a problem I hope someone can help me with. I just upgraded my video card to a 6800xt from an RX580 and my max screen resolution is showing 1920x1080. I have used ddu in safe mode to delete the old drivers. When I was installing the new AMD drivers the resolution went to a higher but then reverted back to 1920x1080 when the computer rebooted. Monitor 1 is plugged into the Display port but the cable is display port to HDMI, and the second monitor is HDMI to HDMI. (the system will give me 2560x1440 in safe mode!) Here are my system specs (update I just tested this card on my friend's system and it works just fine) still have no idea where to start with this problem.
Ryzen 5900x cpu
AMD 6800xt Video card
Msi MAG322CQR Monitor
MSI Optix G27c2 second monitor
system ram 32gb
asus rog strix motherboard
750w psu
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It could be the cable, when the driver isn't installed its going to have less bandwidth so 1440p might work in safe mode or with no drivers, Some of them cables can only provide a resolution of 1920x1200 and thats it.

Try using the hdmi to hdmi cable from your other monitor on your main display and see if you get the full 2560x1440 res, and use the hdmi to displayport cable on your 2nd display since its only 1080p anyway.

Good luck!
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2.1 to 2.0b issue perhaps?

disconnect your second monitor and see what happens

if it works try adding the second monitor

at times with 2 different refresh rates youll get a problem when the refresh rate is overclocked
dial your primary back to 120hz and try again

still have an issue? remove the second monitor mixing dp and hdmi can cause issues as well.

if you wish to split math like this I feel both monitors need to be on the same display connection otherwise tyou have two seperate formats doing the same math at the same time.

just stand next to a friend and both of you count to ten... this isn't science but truly the wrath of the math.

this could be a driver issue, different refresh rates and different resolutions have been known to cause issues try one monitor at a time and tell us how it works out.

2.0b doesn't support 165 it barely supports 144

HDMI 2.0b can indeed support 120Hz and 144Hz refresh rates, but only at lower resolutions. While HDMI 2.0b can support 4K resolution, it can only do so at a maximum frame rate of 60Hz. In order to reach 120Hz and 144Hz, a display's resolution must be dropped down to around 1440p (Quad HD) or 1080p (Full HD).Sep 24, 2021

mix and match isnt a really great methodology so lets eliminate one of them.

Can you achieve 120hz 1440p on the main monitor?
If ya can I feel like im right, this might get cleared up in driver updates