Question 6900 XT crashing in WoW, looking for the cause ?

Sep 15, 2022
Hey everyone

I have a 6900 XT that was installed 6 months ago.

Right after I installed it, there were these horizontal lines sometimes appearing in games - from very demanding ones (KCD) to trivial ones (Overcooked) - at the bottom of the screen, green/gray colored and there for only a couple frames.
However after a few weeks, the issue disappeared entirely. Nowadays I am not seeing any glitchy lines in any of my games. Originally I thought something might be wrong with my PSU, but it fixed itself so... no? Unsure.

A few months ago however, I started noticing that youtube videos now sometimes have a white screen flickering in and out. Also, VLC now flickers a grey glitchy-looking screen when I have two instances open on each monitor and tab between them.
These issues are trivial but concerning - I can't justify it but I've felt, all this time, like my GPU was misbehaving - just little problems here and there that make me wonder if everything's alright.

Now, as soon as I started playing WoW 2 weeks ago it's been nothing but crashes. Hard to know if this is related to the other problems or just WoW itself.
Basically whenever WoW is running, I'll have an average of 1 crash per hour. Usually the drivers recover after a minute, sometimes there is no choice but to power off.

GPU: Radeon 6900 XT (reference)
MB: Z690-A DDR4
CPU: 12700KF
RAM: Crucial Ballistix 2x16 DDR4 3200
PSU: Corsair RMx (2018) 850 W
Monitors: M27Q 1440p (DisplayPort) + some generic acer 1080p (HDMI)

Would you happen to have any idea what could be the cause of the crashes, and the otherwise general misbehaving of the card? How can I troubleshoot? I was told I should lower the power limit but am unsure how to do that (MSI AB has -1 -2 -3... -10 for power limit but what does that represent?).

Thank you all
Sounds to me like you need a newer, higher wattage psu. You have the top of the line Radeon video card with a top of the line 125 watt cpu. Those alone can pull almost 700 watts. I would go with a proven 1000w psu. In the interim you could try using DDU driver uninstaller, in safe mode, and try installing different version of the AMD drivers that you are using now. Display Driver Uninstaller Download version (
Sep 15, 2022
Well, <Mod Edit>. If I do change my PSU I need to sell my current one, used. Thanksfully I still have the box and everything but that's still gonna be annoying. Hence I'd prefer exhausting other causes first.

One power calculator (bequiet) tells me 850W is almost not enough (they say load would use ~92%), the other two have vastly lower numbers, telling me around 550 to 650 watts. This is why I originally went for a 850W PSU. I was also advised to get a 850W one and online, most answers you can find claim 750W is ok, but 850W is better - can't find anyone saying you should go for 1000W. The crashes happen in WoW, of all games - WoW is very easy to run.

If it is the PSU, wouldn't it just mean it's deficient, rather than insufficient power?

I tried setting the power limit in MSI AB to -5 and my gpu kept crashing when playing a video on a browser. I'll try other settings but doesn't that seem weird?
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