6950 help and ?'s


Dec 18, 2009
Hey gang!

So I have made my mind up that I want a 6950 and now I just need to decide which manufacturer and size. To state my specs I game on: a 24in monitor 1920 x 1200, i5 2500k, msi p67 mobo (65), 8gb ram, 850 xfx black psu, antec 902 v3 case and current GPU of 5750 :(. So I would like maybe a card that can unlock to a 6970, but those are few and far between. If you guys were buying a 6950 or from experience, which route would you go. I do plan on adding another later on, but right now, one will do. I my biggest concern right now is size of the card in my case. I feel i have good airflow right now as cable management looks good and free. I appreciate any and all help on this matter and will also listen to other card recommendations. Money is not a huge concern, so come at me!

thanks in advance awesome community!