Question 69c temp, would additional fan help?

Dec 10, 2019
Just got a Ryzen 3400g.

Temp at idle is 40-45.
My ambient temp is 31.

When I ran Fallout 4 at the highest setting the cpu temp peaked at 69...which from my understanding, is getting borderline too warm.

The system has the stock CPU fan, 1 stock case fan, and the PSU fan.

Do you think I could benefit from installing an additional fan or two, or do you think I should bump down the settings to run cooler?

Any recommendations on a cpu temp alarm? I'm afraid I might bake the cou during a long gaming session so an alert when it's getting hot would be nice.

Thank you in advance.
Nov 13, 2019
You could benefit from at least one additional fan, and use it as an intake. But your temps don't sound like anything to worry about. The PSU fan does very little if anything for your components, and you would need it oriented upwards for it to do anything. (I have a basement in my case so even if I did that it wouldn't do anything.)

Also, are you using the integrated graphics or do you have a GPU? If you don't have adequate air flow its just dumping heat into the case and your one exhaust fan probably can't keep up with the extra heat.

In all regards your temps don't sound too crazy. My 3800x is currently idling at 40c with the stock cooler and when I am gaming it gets up to 72c. This is with a 120mm rear exhaust, 140mm top exhaust, and 3 120mm front intake fans.
Dec 10, 2019
Thanks guys.

I'm just running the integrated graphics for now. I haven't been gaming much the last 10yrs so I figured I'll start with some of the good older games that I missed out on and work my way forward. So far I'm happy with how well it handles Fallout 4.

I'll try adding a fan or two. Thanks again.
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