Just got a lightly used SSD 870 EVO 2 TB from Amazon.

I was wondering if those benchmarks look normal?

Compared to this review and whats advertised it looks like my random writes are 50% lower.


View: https://imgur.com/a/VfszVgE
How full is your disk ? Random writes are first to slow down as disk capacity is used up. Make sure it's trimmed regularly so garbage collection can zero blocks with deleted data. Otherwise it will have to erase those blocks before writing new data to them and that takes 2 cycles longer than if blocks were zero.


Those numbers are acceptable. Some are a bit on the low side, but that may not be caused by the drive. For example, seq. writes might be a bit lower due to the chipset on the motherboard. 4K might be a bit low due to your CPU. If you're testing in the OS (Windows), software and caching may also have minor impacts on benchmark results. There are many factors that may impact these values. I'm guessing your system is older or a prebuilt but I may be wrong.