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Jun 11, 2019
I am running a stress test on my 8700k at 5ghz using CPU-Z. At full load my temperature never rises above 83 degrees Celsius. I have a kraken x62. At idle my cpu is around 36-40 degrees. Is this a decent temp for an overclock? Note: I have not delidded my cpu.



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Although "Throttle" temperature for the i7-8700K is 100°C, here's the nominal operating range for Core temperature:

Core temperatures above 85°C are not recommended.

Core temperatures below 80°C are ideal.

Core temperatures increase and decrease with ambient (room) temperature. The international "standard" for normal room temperature is 22°C or 72°F.

Q: What is your ambient temperature?
Q: What is your Core voltage during the stress test?
Q: How many Watts is your power consumption during the stress test?

The "Stress CPU" test under CPU-Z's "Bench" tab is only about 80% TDP workload.

We tested a delidded 8700K OC'd to 5.0GHz at 1.344 Vcore with a 240mm AIO at 22°C ambient temperature.

Running CPU-Z v1.89.0, Bench, Stress CPU; Power consumption was 118 Watts, average Core temperature was 62°C, idle 25°C.

Running P95 v29.8 Small FFT's with AVX disabled; Power consumption was 156 Watts, average Core temperature was 71°C, idle 25°C.

If you'd like to get up to speed on this topic, you might want to read this: Intel Temperature Guide -

You might find Sections 9 through 12 of particular interest.

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Your temperatures are fine, even good.
A stress test at 85c. is just fine.
Under normal usage your temperatures will be lower.

The thing to manage is your vcore, that is what drives up temperatures.
Do not let the vcore go past 1.4v.
Cpu-Z can tell you that.


Jul 3, 2015
FWIW, stats from silicon lottery. An outfit that bins chips:
as of 3/22/2018
What % of I7-8700k chips can oc
at a aggressive vcore near 1.4 or so and delidded
4.9 99%
5.0 88%
5.1 54%
5.2 22%
Well jeez, obviously there just wrong. Cause they didn't take into account that if you just cool your cpu to negative 62, you can run 6ghz all day long. Lol.

Makecool, No one here is talking about using subzero/subambient cooling. Were talking about running a cpu with an off the shelf cooling solution, at a reasonable overclock for day to day use. Not trying to break records.

Reality is you do not run subambient cooling on a daily use pc. So yes while the 8700k can run at 7.1ghz, that's not what's being asked in this thread.
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