8gb ram + 250gb ssd VS 16 gb ram + 1tb hdd?


Nov 10, 2014
Hi there. Im looking for a laptop but I can't decide which option is the best (i'll start studying engineering next semester).
The main quesrtions are: Will I need the extra 750 gb storage for engineering (or IT engineering)? Do the extra 8 gb ram mark a notable difference? Is the SSD really worth it? (Im not millionaire)

Note: 8GB ram + 1 TB HDD is also an option. Im thinks of the lenovo ThinkPad. All those HDD are the 7200rpm version.
If running cad and modelling you benefit from 16GB ram. The SSD is an option that will make your system start up faster and load programs faster, has no effect on processing power. In your case I belief you will need more storage since some of the files especially models will be big.