Question 980 Ti ASUS STRIX CRASH when installing drivers

Jul 15, 2019
Hello guys. I have a problem. Buy a graphic card in another country (used) and I can not return it, it is an ASUS STRIX 980ti. Since I installed it it is generating a big problem. It turns out that crashea and the black screen remains. Install windows 10 from scratch and while installing looks perfect nothing happens. But when installing the Nvidia Driver the gpu crashes. I installed it with geforce experience, from the asus page, and with driver booster, but it's always the same. The system works, it looks perfect, I install the driver and it dies ... I don't know what to do anymore. Sorry for my English and thank you very much.-


Installing drivers initiates power and clock speeds. Looks like the card is faulty and the electronics can't handle the power making the card unstable.

If the card is failing due to cold solder fractures (hard to know), it is possible to revive the card by striping all plastics and placing the pcb in an oven at 195c for around 10mins. Not guaranteed.

I wouldn't attempt it really, there's a lot involved and i wouldn't use your conventional house oven if want to continue cooking food.

But for some humourous reading.