9800GTX+ Problems


May 4, 2009
So a couple of months ago, I upgraded from a 7900GT to a 9800GTX+ with the following system hardware:

BFG Tech BFGE981024GTXPOCE GeForce 9800 GTX+ 1GB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI-E 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI
OCZ Gold 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Dual Channel Kit
OCZ Gold 2GB (2x1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM Unbuffered DDR2 667 PC2 5400
Antec TruePower 2.0 TRUECONTROL II-550 ATX12V 550W
ECS C19-A SLI nForce4 SLI
Intel Pentium D 940 Dual Core 2x 3.2Ghz 800MHz FSB 2X2MB Cache BX80553940
Seagate Barracuda ST3320620AS 320GB 7200RPM 16MB Buffer SATA2 Serial ATA II 3.0Gb/s
Creative Labs Sound Blaster® Audigy® SE 7.1 MFG #70SB057000000
LINKSKEY LKG-6100 10/100/1000Mbps PCI Gigabit Network Adapter 1x RJ-45
Samsung Black 18X DVD±R 8X DVD±RW 48X CD-R 32X CD-RW 2M Cache
Samsung 20-inch SyncMaster 204B-Black Analog Digital LCD Monitor

Windows XP sp2

The new card ran great for a couple of months but now I can't play games without a CTD. :cry:
I cleaned all my drivers and installed new ones. Still the same result. Can someone help me out with a solution?

It all ran beautifully until a week ago. I am completely miffed.
Constructive criticism with a possible solution would be of great help.
I would really like to get back to my FPSes and RPGs.
What on Earth is a CTD?
Anyway, if it has started suddenly and a change of drivers has not helped the first thing to do is a full virus/malware scan IN SAFE MODE. Sorry about shouting but the Safe Mode bit is importaint, the new strains can hide and even restore themselves from a scan in normal Windows.
Let us know.


May 4, 2009
CTD: Crash To Desktop
Sorry about that. I've been searching for an answer on the intertubes for some time now and the acronyms commonly used sorta slipped in.

Virus scans also done multiple times in safe mode.
I use Norton 360.
I've also used CCleaner, and spybot. I'm clean.
Definitions were updated.

I've updated to latest nvidia, directx, sound drivers from a clean wipe taking out any regkeys. Also used driver sweeper after a restart just to make sure before installing the new drivers.

The problem I have is that it starts the game, I get some logos, I get a loading screen, but then it goes crazy. I get textures plastered all over my screen, like a block of cement, etc. The colors also go crazy. My pointer slows down and stops pretty much. At this point I usually get a windows crash and my system restarts, or sometimes I can alt-tab out to windows and crash the game via task manager.

Other times, if i alt tab out and then back to the game it shows me a visible menu and I can load a game and play for about an hour with great graphics before it crashes again.

I've checked the temp on my gfx card, its usually around 30-35C after a couple of hours of gaming.


Jul 1, 2007
Suggestion::Go to control panel/system/advanced/system recovery and tell system not to reboot upon system crash,,that way it will/might display the fault/reason for your snafu,,also I noticed that you are running ram of different speeds 800/6400 and 5400/667,,try putting the slowest first making that the systems ram speed or go with the fastest alone....????..:)


May 4, 2009

Windows runs smoothly, and i mainly use firefox which also runs without a hitch. Its just heavy gfx stuff. I tried starting fallout3, it loaded great but once i started a game, it started giving me these ripples across the screen. No slowing or loss of fps, just these ripples like i was looking through a rainy windshield. And it was not raining in the game world. I tried loading the last remnant, it would sometimes load without any problems, but other times it would do the crazy screen thing described before. Whenever i exit, it always crashes windows.
I havent tried crysis, oblivion or splinter cell DA yet. I'm afraid to actually. Won't even consider the sims.

I thought the ram might be an issue and will try your solution. I also have that vid card on a pci 1 slot when its supposed to be for pci2. i checked my psu 12v rails, theres enought juice there to run the card, i think.
Didnt think about reading the blue screen that comes up. will check it out and report on outcomes.

Thanks both of you for the replies and suggestions.

Stay tuned. Please! Still need the help.

@ KatoPlato: Must get my eyes tested, +1 Dokk2.
Also download Speedfan: It can monitor your +12v line and see if it drops during gameplay and also check your CPU and hard drive temperatures.


May 9, 2009
I have somewhat the same problem too, sometimes when I'm playing games (crysis, Assasins, etc) or stress testing/benchmarking , it crashes to windows and an error message comes up that says "display driver has stopped working and has recovered", but I'm pretty sure it's not my drivers (still happens with all versions i have tested). It seems to happen more when I over clock which leads me to think it's power but I'm pretty sure i have good power, I have two 17A 12v rails (26A needed), and a good wattage. My temps are good too (not as good as yours, how did you do that?). I think your amps are fine 17 and 19, but make sure your GPU is getting both Amp rails, if that's how it works, i read somewhere that sometimes one 12v rail is deddicated to your CPU through the 4 or 8 pin mobo connector. And maybe one of these replies can help me also :)


Jul 3, 2009

am new to this. you may have an bad G-card, try your old card if u still have it, to see if you get the same result. or try a new card. you can return the new card when you find the problem.
1. System restore with safe mode
2. Run memtest in case one of your memory went bad
3. Have programs that monitor your GPU and CPU temperature

any way to check your PSU to see if it isn't failing?