Question 99% Memory usage after windows being up for 1/2 days

May 24, 2022
Hey guys

So recently Ive been having a issue like from this thread but with longer period time.
And there were 2 solutions which I think might be helpful :

ahmd3500 said:

Deleting the old internet drivers through services and then restarting pc for them to by default install fixed the trick.
you could run autoruns to remove the network driver from PC. Windows may reinstall them -

Or start your own question and I see what I can do :)
I downloaded autoruns ( but I still didn't know what should do. Can anyone show me an example for a network driver which should be deleted ?

Thanks for reading!
Instead of trying a solution right off the bat, let's make sure we're seeing the right issue. So let's start with getting a screenshot of the following when you run into a high memory usage condition:
  • Task Manager -> Performance tab -> Memory page
  • Task Manager -> Details tab
    • Right click on a column header, select "Select columns", and enable "Working Set." Then sort by that
  • Resource Monitor -> Memory page