A lot of stuff appears glitched

Jun 11, 2018
It really is like I said.
Context:(did not install anything prior to this) Was playing some LoL and decided to go to reddit and everything was glitched, thought it was a windows anti-Google thing so I tried Edge, but it was like that too. Went into my settings and everything was like that too...closed three PC a d waited 1h and tried again, my Wallpaper Engine became glitched too. The thing is my default background is normal, so there Spotify, windows explorer, MALWARE Bytes(didn't found anything) etc. What can I do before I reinstall my windows?(pls know that I can't do a Reclean thing cuz I can't see my settings)
So you did not install LOL or Chrome? How did these arrive on your system? There is no such a thing as LOL just getting installed by itself and there is no such a thing as a "Windows anti-Google thing." You need to explain more about your system and your programs and then we can help you to understand what is going on.



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