A Quick Guide to Badges & Best Answers on the Tom's Forums

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What are Badges and Best Answers?

Here on the Tom's Forums, "Badges" and "Best Answers" are two features that we use to recognize and reward quality contributions from community members.

A Best Answer is a reply that best answers the question posed by the "original poster" (OP) of the thread or helps them the most. You can spot a Best Answer by the green border around the post.

A Badge is an extension of the Best Answers, and are granted to users as they accrue Best Answers in the associated topic. Each badge comes with its own name—which you can set as your title while posting in the forum!


How are Badges and Best Answers awarded? What are they used for?

Best Answers are awarded through one of two ways: staff selections and user selections.

The person who starts a question thread will always be able to select a Best Answer in that thread. In addition, once a user has been awarded twenty five (25) total best answers, they are given the ability to select and remove Best Answers in any 'Question'-type thread. (We do have basic rules in regards to how you may use this feature, which is detailed further below.)

Moderators generally do not select Best Answers, but we do have a few staff members on the Community team who do! These staff members go through older threads (3+ months old) that are no longer active and select a Best Answer where appropriate. If you get notified about a Best Answer in an old thread, that was probably one of them processing the thread!

Best Answers can be set by clicking on the green "Pick as the solution" button in the post.

Badges are awarded automatically based on the number of Best Answers you have in a particular subject. This is determined by the "tags" attached to the thread. Each Best Answer will add one count towards the badge progress of each tag (if a badge exists for that tag). Tags are automatically added to threads based on the text of your post, or can be added manually by the poster.

As you obtain more Best Answer selections, your badges can "level up", changing the color and name of your badge!


What are the rules for all of this?

We're glad you asked! We do have a handful of rules regarding Badges and Best Answers. These rules and guidelines are to ensure that nobody abuses either of these features. Please be sure to adhere to these guidelines.

When and where can I select a Best Answer?
  • If it is a thread that you created, feel free to select whatever answer helped you solve your problem, or the answer that is most appropriate. If it is not a thread that you created, unless the OP explicitly asks you to do so, please leave the selection to the OP or a staff member.

    The exception to this is if you come across an old thread (2 months or longer since the last response) that has not had a Best Answer set. In this instance, it is acceptable to select a Best Answer if one is available.

When and where can I remove a Best Answer?
  • Just like above, if it's your thread, you can do it any time, especially if it was a mistaken selection! If it isn't your thread, you should never remove it unless the OP has requested it. If you feel there is an issue with a Best Answer selection (incorrect information/mistaken selection/abuse of the BA system), please make use of the "Report Abuse" button on the post to alert a moderator to the problem.
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