Question A Small Snippet From My A Plague Tale: Innocence Playthrough.


If you've not played this game, but plan on getting it, this will spoil basic end gameplay. This is the 2nd phase of the final battle. Leave it to evil men wearing religious hats to create a race war of rats. It's pretty much like a chess match, you need to lure Vitalis' white rats to attack at the sides to clear the way for Hugo's black rats to attack the rats protecting Vitalis.

Once Hugo's rats kill the ones protecting Vitalis, he's open for slinging a rock at his head. The 2nd round involves extinguishing a brazier Vitalis makes appear in the center, which the black rats cannot go near. The 3rd round involves more white rat attacks. The trick is to avoid being trapped and eaten by the white rats in the 3rd round.

There's far more to this game than just having Hugo command rats though, which only happens mostly in the final 2 chapters (16 total). It has a lot of stealth, which at times can be challenging to pull off. There's also quite a variety of human enemies to deal with. Besides plague crazed civilians that chase you and alert guards early on, there's a battle with an armored guard that involves destroying his helmet with rock throws while evading him. When the helmet is finally destroyed, he's open for a rock slung at his head.

Later on you get the skill to make a toxin that you sling at armored guard's helmets, which makes them take them off right away. You must however immediately rock sling them, or they will chase you down and kill you. There are also many guards carrying lanterns and torches in areas where torches and braziers are used as lamps. By then you have the skill to make a concoction that extinguishes flames, and also releases rats from underground near torches keeping them there. You also have the skill by then to have Hugo summons rats at them, but only while holding his hand.

There are also big knights in heavy armor that carry big fire maces. Since shortly after extinguishing their mace they can drag it on the ground to make it spark and relight, you need to lure them near freed, unoccupied rats (those already feeding won't respond), before extinguishing their mace.

One of the tougher battles is against Nicholas, a high ranking captain. In this battle you are with Hugo holding his hand. You have to extinguish several braziers and torches. In this battle, Nicholas makes his sword catch fire to easily resist rats. You have to make sure you're hidden from Nicholas' view, or you won't be able to extinguish his sword. Further more, when he gets near braziers he relights them. On top of that, you must successfully extinguish his sword 3 times and summons rats to engulf him before he finally dies, as he somehow relights his sword after the rats engulf him the first two times.

This is said to be just an Action Adventure Stealth game, and it has no difficulty settings, but it does a pretty good job of bordering on survival horror, and it can be challenging enough in many places to have to load checkpoints after dying several times each. However I found many of my deaths to be a matter of not knowing certain things. Like I thought I had to extinguish the maces the big knights carry without being seen by them, but stealth is not necessary in that case.

I highly recommend this game, and it's getting rave reviews. There's also a sequel coming October 18th called A Plague Tale: Requiem. My only slight nit pick is at times the edge of the screen can have a kind of yellow/gold glow to it. I thought it wouldn't be a problem switching back to fullscreen mode after trying borderless. It only lessened, but didn't remove it completely. It's really not enough of a problem to be a deal breaker by any means, and overall the game looks fantastic graphically and performs quite well without bug problems.
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This game is actually pretty good. I haven't read your post, because it contains spoilers. I might give this game a try, but I avoided it because we have to mostly utilize stealth in order to avoid hostile encounters, as enemies will kill Amicia instantly if they catch her. Too much stealth is not my cup of tea, but to some extent it's okay.

I think the game also has puzzles to solve as well. It's a very good game nonetheless, as also evident from the highly positive reviews and gamer feedback.

Speaking of the sequel, yeah Focus Home Interactive have already announced that "A Plague Tale: Requiem" will release on October 18th. In addition, NVIDIA revealed that the game will also support Ray Tracing effects, as well as its own upscaling technique, DLSS.

A Plague Tale: Requiem is the direct sequel to A Plague Tale: Innocence. The game will follow Amicia and her brother Hugo on a perilous new quest, doing whatever it takes to survive a brutal, uncaring world. According to its description, players will discover the cost of saving those they love in a desperate struggle for survival. Players will be able to strike from the shadows or unleash hell, overcoming foes and challenges with a variety of crafted tools and supernatural powers.

In case you missed this, here is a brand new video, showcasing 12 minutes of new gameplay footage. You need to go to YT to watch it though. I think this time AMICIA has access to a Crossbow as well, as evident from this gameplay footage.

Well, I just finished my 3rd and final playthrough of A Plague Tale Innocence. I played the 2nd run with all HUD elements off save for reticule and climbable objects icons. This last run I did with the HUD completely off and no upgrades on the sling or resource capacity.

For the most part no upgrades and all HUD off went easier than I expected. I hope their next game Requiem, at least has more noticeable differences without upgrades, and maybe a harder mode with more enemies.

This was the only segment I had to retry several times, mostly because I wanted to use only the sling, and not use the knockout potion you can craft. The hardest part was the last two guards that come one right after the other.

By the way, you can't save poor Rodrick, even if you kill every archer.
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