Question A strange problem with hardware


Aug 20, 2018
System im using:
motherboard: asus z270-p
processor: core i7 6700 3.4 GHz
Ram: 2133 Mhz ddr4 (1x8 GB)
Storage: 1 x SSD (250 gigs) + 1 HDD 250 gigs
GPU: geforce gtx 660 2GB
PSU - corsair gs 800

I dont know much about the internal issues of the PC but here is a glimpse of the problem that i have:

When im using MS word, Code blocks for assignment purposes there is a lag. For couple seconds at most. in that time every button i press is actually typed inside the MS word, code blocks are typed after the freeze time. Im not sure if its stuttering or something else.
Also i played Apex legends, Warface - low settings at ( 1440 x 900 res) my LCD supports upto 1680 x 1050. Problem could be with the GPU so i have tried ASUS Rx 580 8 GB, same issue.
I have this same lag while typing this thread.
i have changed several hardware components, updated windows 10 64 bit to its newest version. converted my SSD from MBR to GPT format as well.
i was using Gigabyte h110m board, same processor, have 2 ram dims, 1 x 4, 1x8 tried both seperatly, RX 580 graphics card, SSD, 750 watt amacrox power supply.
Only one component unchanged: processor.

if there is any software i can use to check this, plz suggest. I read about DPC latency on forum so i tried it, absolute max reached 1350 while i was using mS word, 1460 while im typing this, on chrome.

EDIT: i have cleaned installed my windows 10. i have tried changing power cable, sata cables. The system works fine on HDD disks but have this freezing problem on SSDs. I used hyper x 120 GIG SSD Before, now i have a m.2 apple version with a external ASUS chip, connected via SATA cables. Older SSD is in use by a friend and he has no issues. so ssds are fine.
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