About to be building a new PC, any suggestions for a great gaming monitor?

Jan 11, 2019
Hey so in my next configuration my PC will be with
i7 8700k
GTX 1080

So my question is the following; Should I purchase a 1080p 240hz monitor or should i get a 1440p 144hz one. As I have seen videos on youtube for most games nowadays for 1440p i would have to reduce some graphical settings to achieve 144hz, while on 1080p I would not have to do so.

(I do play games like Overwatch, CSGO, Rainbow six and others that can achieve both 240fps in 1080 and 144fps in 1440p)

I do love some eye candy aswell. So the second question is what would be more prettier; 1440p with High settings (for example) or 1080p with Ultra high settings.

I've never had a 1440p monitor and or even a higher refresh rate monitor than 60hz that is why this topic is kind of difficult for me. :)
Oct 5, 2018
Well, it depends. I have a 26” 1080p monitor and up close the pixels are very noticeable. However, I usually sit back in my chair when I game, pretty far from the screen, so I don’t notice it at all.

If you sit close to the screen - 1440p 144hz
If you lean back - 1080p 240Hz

It really depends on the game. Over watch in ultra imo isn’t that pretty, and CSGO isn’t either.
I’ve tried both and to my eye 1440/high looks better than 1080/ultra especially at 27” or higher. What country and budget? Would recommend a gsync monitor or one of the freesync’s that nvidia has documented support for.

If you are super competitive at csgo then 1080/240hz is probably the way to go but think I’d stay at 24”. Otherwise, go big.
Jan 11, 2019

Hey, I unfortunately don't have the budget for a gsync monitor, so my choices are limited. I cannot see how only for that feature I would pay so highly.

The country is Bulgaria and my budget is 350eur for the monitor.
The two monitors in question are:
Dell Alienware AW2518HF 24.5" TN, FHD 1920 x 1080, 240Hz (310eur)
Dell S2719DGF, 27" TN, 1ms, QHD 2560 x 1440, 155Hz (350eur)

While I support your decision that 1440p would look great, I'm cautious about the longevity of the PC, as games are getting more demanding I'm in fear that in soon-to-come games I would have to lower settings, to get to 60-80. And especially in Battlefield V, lower them a lot to reach 144fps and play more competitively.

That’s unfortunate. I’ll never own a system without adaptive refresh again. The good news is nVidia has announced some support for Freesync so your monitor may have it anyway (seems hit or miss right now).

You’re correct on BFV. On my system I get 60fps on High. So, I followed Jackfrags guide on settings and now have 100fps or better - I rarely notice the difference as I’m busy trying not to die, not closely examining the scenery.

For non-twitch games, I crank up the graphics and dont worry about framerate.

Edit: would still recommend 1440p unless you only do shooters or racing, then 1080p is good enough.