Question About undervolting a Zotac 3060ti Twin Edge OC; possible silicon lottery huge fail


Jan 25, 2016
Hello guys (and ladies, if there is someone out there).

I bought this model like 5 months ago, and since then I have been trying to adjust the voltage and core speed to improve the temperatures, but apparently I got a very bad chip. I have been tinkering with Afterburner custom curve for a long time, and I realized my GPU isn't stable when playing games if I set a curve above +60MHz. If I set a +75 curve, the game will eventually crash to desktop, sooner or later. Sometimes it takes 15 minutes, sometimes it takes 1 hour. But it will crash, that's for sure. It's very likely I have one of the worst 3060ti's out there.

I have seen here plenty of people posting their undervolting and overclocking results, and man, my unit is just garbage. I see people setting things like 1975MHz @ 925mV, and I feel somewhat scammed for having this crap unit. Definitely I had very bad luck with the silicon lottery. I would sell it to buy a better model, but well, considering how bad the GPU market is right now, I just have to stick with I currently have. Possibly for a very long time.

Anyone else out there with this issue? Can you share what did you do to improve the thermals and make the GPU more efficient without losing performance?

PD: my case is an AeroCool Cylon LED USB 3.0 (yes, I know, it's not the best case). I have 2 frontal intake Noctua fans, 1 back exhaust fan (radiator fan), and 1 top-back Noctua fan, also exhausting, so I have a positive airflow.