Question AC 7260 upgrade to AX200

manolis kokotsakis

Mar 9, 2019
does it worth it to upgrade my Thinkpads t440s wlan card (AC7260) with the new, wifi 6 card (AX200) ?
I dont have wifi6 router now. Maybe soon i will have. But except that, i will notice any improvment on my wifi connection-experience , without a wifi 6 router ?
Is there any difference in quality and behavior between those 2 cards ?

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Will likely be exactly the same if you are lucky. Wifi6 still has some bugs. It should drop back to the 802.11ac. Now if you had a fancy 4 antenna card in your pc that could do 4x4 many of the wifi6 cards are going to be slower because it is very rare for them to have 4 antenna so they would run 802.11ac using only say 2. I don't know if they have got 4x4 on wifi6 stable yet, you don't see much about it.

Unless you really need the card I would wait on any upgrade. Wifi6e is "soon" on the market. This has the added ability to use the 6gig radio band. There is massive bandwidth available and hopefully for a while we won't overlap the neighbors wifi channels as much. I suspect this new radio band will actually be more improvement than anything that has been out for a long time. Most wifi problems are everyone stomping on each other because there is not room to share using the current plans. wifi6 actually uses all the 5g channels for 1 user when it is running certain types of 160mhz channels.