Question accessing router management page from outside issue.

May 19, 2020

I would like to access my router management page from outside my home network.
My router internet connection is configured as PPPoE with a user name and password. And remote management is enabled.

I find my WAN ip by googling what is my ip. From outside network, I try to access the router management page by putting the ip in browser and its not working.

When I check the internet connection page of router, I see the router shows the ip address in the range of 10.xx.xx.xx which I believe is not a public ip.
How can I get the router get the actual public ip address?
You need ask the ISP to assign you one. They are in full control over what IP addresses are assigned to the wan ports. Some ISP will give you one for just asking, other there is a extra fee, and some ISP network is not designed to allow then to give you one.

I would be very careful about remote management of a router. These device tend to not always be real secure.

Worse case would be to use something like teamviewer to remote control a machine that is on your network and then access the router from the inside using that machine.