[SOLVED] Accidentally put EATX board into ATX case

Unknown Nerd

Jun 9, 2014
Hello all, I have been set back a week due to a stupid mistake board that I just realized. I used my old ATX full tower case for a EATX board. I thought the case was an EATX case but it turns out after looking at the old product description for the case it's ATX. What was weird was that the standoff holes on the board all had corresponding holes on the case so I didn't think anything was wrong.

However, whenever I tried to POST the motherboard, it would short out in the case and turn off after a second. Motherboard still runs fine outside the case while sitting on anti-static wrap. I noticed that the entire right side of the board was touching the metal part of the case which is raised up compared to the left side after inspection. Have I damaged my board or will I be OK just buying an EATX full tower case?