Acer XB270HU 27-Inch IPS 144Hz G-Sync Monitor Review

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"If you're still debating between G-Sync and FreeSync, here's what we've observed so far. G-Sync has the advantage when the action drops below 40fps for sure. At that point, frame-doubling takes over so there is no tearing even when stutter becomes a problem. FreeSync is supposed to switch to V-Sync mode at that point but in some instances, we've seen that this does not happen. Then you get tearing and stuttering, which makes gameplay much more frustrating.

However, if you can keep the refresh rate above 40Hz, there is no difference. Concerning the fact that overdrive is currently disabled in some FreeSync applications we can only maintain that in the vast majority of games, it is not a limitation. Even right above the zone, when frame rates are in the low forties, we can't see ghosting. And when playing at a comfortable 60fps or above, motion is super-smooth and tear-free.

The bottom line is right now you can go with either tech and come out happy."

Yea, there is a difference. Over about 65 fps, most will want to turn off G-Sync and use ULMB which is hardware based. Freesysnc is "free" only because it does not come with the necessary hardware to do ULMB. Some manufacturers will provide it on their own but the result is of varying quality since, unlike w/ G-Syn, there is no standard.

As to some of the other comments ....

Ghosting and IPS "Glow" are reasons why I would never recommend a IPS monitor for gaming, until now .... searching for the faintest light on dark unlit areas of a game would drive us crazy on the Dell IPS panel. However, the combination of G-Sync, 144 Hz and ULMB solve the ghosting issue and the quality of the panel is such that the IPS Glow, if it's there, it's not noticeable.

As for the it would be good if it was 1ms comment .... Yes, many people advertise 1 ms but it's not real. Here's how the top monitors measure up in the laboratory using results of actual testing. However the impact of response time musty be considered along with signal processing in order to measure lag .... The BenQ2730Z example has a best ever 1.7ms response time but it's combines time with signal processing is 4.0 ... the Predator's combined time is 3.0 , What a manufacturer puts on his advertising is meaningless, it's what shows up in the lab that counts.



Jan 29, 2009
Todays GPUs cannot reach 144FPS in recent games like Crysis and Metro. Until they make a fashionable 144Hz 4K IPS affordable display and that GPUs reach 100+FPS at 4K, I don't see any benefits for this over my Acer 4K bezel-less IPS panel. 144Hz could be useful for TVs with fast-paced sports contents such as car racing. This has no HDMI and a high price of 800$US. You can get a Dell 4K 34'' for that price.
There is one good reason: Lightstrobe at 72fps.
Could be something interesting to test, by the way.
Tough I doubt the pixel persistence of IPS displays would allow lightstrobe technology to fully cicle properly. Such a test would be interesting, tough.
To my eyes, the Dell would be a downgrade. There is no HDMI because both G-Sync and Fresyns won't work over HDMI. Until the new Dsiplay Port (1.3) is introduced, 4K @ 144 Hz is also impossible because no cable exists that can adequately carry the signal.

But the ULMB strobing technology works very nicely ... and at 85 and 100 hz. They'd have to cut the response time to 1 ms GTG to do 120 Hz. It's kind of irrelevant at this point tho as, like 4K, there's no GFX hardware that can adequately support it at > 60 fps in AAA games. This is similar to using Lightboost where 144 Hz 1080p screens will operate at 120 hz.

George Mulligan

Sep 20, 2014
Was sold out everywhere, but I found mine at just one outlet a couple weeks ago. Woah... this monitor is at another level. Forget Swift, the IPS image quality coupled with the 144/UHD are just incomparable for game play. I need to replay so many games now! It's a totally different experience.
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