Jan 29, 2012
The problem in my Acer computer it says aspire on the bottom. It is a 2006 red dot award winning design pc it runs windows vista. It would have troubles booting up but I think it was mostly due to dirt build up in the case. I recently moved my pc from one house to another to use the internet. I turned it on and it wouldnt boot up the power botton worked. So i unplugged it took into the other room and began to pull just big clumps of dust balls that had accumulated over the years. I removed both fans and cleaned them. i also openend up the power pack and dusted in there. I have had to do this before being real carefull not to let anything get unplugged so that it works. when i plug it back in now it turns on without pressing the power button. the fans run but there is no signal to the usb ports or monitor port or lan port. I messed it up and its an old computer. I tried removing ram and putting them back in. The problem seams to be that the stupid award winning case has some issue with the power button and i may have to take a power botton off of another 64 bit vista computer that had the mother board go out years ago that was recently turned on to a loud pop and a spark.I may have to get a new pc if i cant make the computer turn back on i dont have the money for this. Why is this happening to me.
Probably a cheap power supply issue. Those cases have a minimal power supply design. You may be better off starting over with a new case and ps. Or getting a used acer case and ps on ebay and try your old board. Could be the board or ps. I use craigslist to purchase used pc's if your budget won't permit a new one.