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Sep 13, 2004
Please help with my wireless home network.
I have 7 computers on the network. Two are wired, the rest are wireless. Four of the wireless are upstairs and two of these are somewhat far from the router.
I am using Linksys 2.4 Ghz 802.11b broadband router and adapters.
I have the usual problems of poor signal at times, a client lossing the access (I usually have to reboot the router). My biggest problem is with these $50 adapters that stop working. Sometimes they will work for months; other times they will stop working after a few hours. Example: I set up a new computer, got it on the network, fought with the antivirus, firewall, kid control software etc.. After a couple of hours of setting things up including accessing the web and the rest of the network the adapter stopped. It could see that there was a network but it wouldn't connect. I tried releasing/renewing, unplugging/plugging, checked software settings, unloaded software. Every thing I could think of but whenever I tried to ping the router I would get a request timed out. I even tried plugging it into other computers to no avail (other adapters plugged into the new computer would work). Then yesterday two adapters that had been working went out. I have gone through seven adapters, all went out at various stages of use and on various computers. What is going on with these adapters? Are they that junky? Is there anything wireless thats better or should I just go through the expense of wiring all the computers?


Sep 15, 2002
I have seen many access points get stupid after long time of use and that is just how they are. Your problem probably lies in that access point. I know linksys stuff is nice but that access point seems to not like that many constant users.
If you have an old model of the Linksys 802.11b accesspoint you may want to try a newer one.
You could always go with a different access point from another manufacturer. Your linksys wireless cards will work with any access point.

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