Info Adata SX8200 Pro NVMe Slow Write Speeds (Solution):


Apr 9, 2008
Adata SX8200 Pro NVMe Slow Write Speeds (Solution):

I had been receiving very slow sequential write speeds on my Adata SX8200 Pro, around 600 MB/s, and I tried everything to no avail (retrim, free-up space, reseat NVMe drive, verify PCIe link speed etc). After much time and research, it turns out Adata had deceptively switched the SX8200 Pro controller from the SM2262EN at initial launch to the slower SM2262G in the original SX8200 (non-pro model). News outlets have also covered this such as Toms Hardware:

I am posting this to help everyone with an SX8200 Pro. If you are getting very slow write speeds and have the SM2262G controller, this is the cause. To verify which controller you have, view the sticker on the top of the SX8200 Pro (it will say SM2262G or SM2262EN etc). In my instance, instead of getting the promised sequential write speeds up to 3000 MB/s, I was getting only ~600 MB/S (1/5 of advertised). Adata did a deceptive bait and switch and in essence sold the original SX8200 as a higher tier SX8200 Pro.

What are your thoughts?