Question Add a custom black bar to one side of the display ?

Jan 13, 2022
I got this cracked ultrawide (5120x1440) that someone was throwing out and have been using it in 3128x1440 custom resolution so the crack doesn't interfere with content. I was wondering if any tools exist in windows to add a black bar to just one side of the screen, then I could add a 996px bar on the left and have a 4124px desktop to work with.

I'm using a laptop with an Nvidia gpu. The monitor is connected to the GPU via USB-C, shows up as VirtualLink in Nvidia control panel.

I've been looking for a solution for a while now but I'd be very surprised if it isn't possible. I've been through pretty much every setting in the Nvidia control panel. Maybe I need something that involves some "lower level" tweaking.

Ideally, I would use the display section to the left of the dark patch as a little secondary display to stick something like a spotify window or a txt file, but that's definitely asking for too much:sneaky:

Here's two pictures to illustrate what I mean.