Add graphics card to your laptop????


Jun 25, 2002
"nVIDIA's GeForce FX Go 5700 lets you add a graphics card to your laptop PC. Why did it take so long?"

How does that work!!

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Sep 2, 2003
It was a picture of the Alienware laptop. The user has the ability to take the card out themselves without having to take the whole case apart to get to the card. OEM's may have been using seperate modules for awhile for the GFx card, but AW is the first to move it so the user can change it out with a new one.

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Actually, wasn't Voodoo the first to do that (well get one in reviewer's hands).

It has nothing to do with nV of course. You can do it with the ATI Mobility R9600 as well. Tech TV swapped on for the other in an Alienware model during one of their segments.

Anywhoo, for now Alienware and Voodoo are the only one's offering the type you can change yourself. Dell and a few others are offering upgrades (send it back and we will upgrade it for you).

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