Question adding and migrating system to a M2 SSD

May 1, 2019
Hi, so recently my laptop computer has been performing slowly and I decided that I needed a little upgrade to make stuff jsut a bit faster. So I had the idea that I'd try and integrate a SSD into the system, but cloning a 1TB HDD to a 1TB SSD would take a while and 1TB SSDs were expensive. So I had the idea to just add a M2 SSD to put my OS on and use the HDD for storage of videos and photos and all that, in order to SAVE money and TIME.

Now is there a guide someone could refer me to, to help me migrate/clone the system from my HDD to my M2 SSD and then turn my HDD into a storage device while running my system and specific files from the SSD?

Thank you for reading, any help is appreciated


You can't migrate 'only' the OS to the new SSD. Mostly, all or nothing.
Cloning the whole thing to a new 1TB SSD shouldn't take more than about 30 minutes.

Otherwise, this would be a clean OS install on a new smaller drive.

We can go into detail on the procedure if you want, for either choice.