Adding SSD


May 1, 2012
hey guys so i just recently purchase an ssd, and my os is already on my 2 tb HDD i don't really care much about installing my os on the ssd since i just picked up a 64gb, and its mainly going to be for game. my question is how to i add my ssd to my system do i just plug it in and it would show up? and also i have all my games on my HDD and i want to transfer them to my SSd, do i just uninstall it from my HDD and install it again on my SSD? and if my SSD run out of space can i simply buy another 64gb and continue adding games in to it? thanks guys


Apr 23, 2012
Yes, I agree with rolli. I highly recommend reinstalling your OS onto your SSD.

You have to format the drive first, go into bios and change the drive to AHCI for sure. Then reboot and install your OS.

I installed an SSD on my 2010 macbook pro i7 2.66GHz 15" and it boots up faster than any desktop on HDD and loads any program, photoshop or whatever in a few seconds compared to double digit seconds when I had an HDD.

Your best bet is to first do the formatting of the drive and AHCI setup. Then clean install the OS onto the new SSD with the other drives unplugged.

Set it up as the boot drive after, and then format the old drive if you have everything else saved, and run and install all your games on your HDD.

Then you would be significantly faster, because your OS is super fast, and your boot will be significantly cut down. Then your games when running will be on their own SATA plug getting the max capacity without using an OS on that drive if that makes any sense. Everything is running separate.