Question Adjusting game controller's directional buttons sensitivity on PC ?

Jan 3, 2021
Hi people,

I am using a game controller (PS5 DualSense) to play game (on PC) for the first time. There are two "directional buttons" (I believe it's what they are called) on this game pad. For RPG's, the left directional buttons does the job of the "WASD" on keyboard, while the right directional buttons does the job of mouse.

My question is, how do I adjust the sensitivity of the right directional button? You know how you can adjust the sensitivity, or speed, or DPI on the mouse? I'm trying to do the same, but for the life of me I can't find out how to do this on the internet. Perhaps I am using the incorrect terminologies to refer to the buttons which resulted in my not finding the info I need. As such, could you guys help point me to the right direction?

To clarify, I hope to increase the sensitivity on the right directional button. In other words, I am want a less movement on the directional button to result in a larger movement on screen. (Like less physical mousing movement resulting in larger cursor movement on screen when mice sensitivity is increased)

Thanks a lot guys.