Advice for Indian (and other) blog and experience with my PC


Aug 31, 2018
Hello there, I am Divij and am going to buy a PC on monday, 3rd Sep 2018.

I am from India and there are lots of questions by Indians on this site and others about building a Gaming computer. I will give my 2cent (2 paise? :) ) on the same.

It will eventually come out to be around 82000 Rs/- but it will give you 60 fps for ALL GAMES at max setting except for emulator games. Also, you will be easily able to everything except video editing and cad/cam etc. It is COMPLETELY FUTURE PROOF. What do i mean by that?
Well, future proofing can not mean that you will never have to change your pc again (Think about the best pc, you could build 10 years ago and how thrash it is today....In price and performance!!)
So, the definition of future-proofing that i use is : Will your part not survive the need for its replacement at a median age. And with this definition, this rig is entirely future proof.

Finally, I am not a computer hardware pro, so dont replace your thinking with my recommendations, instead keep them as a starting point.

(1) I feel the most important branching point on how much your PC is gonna cost you is the Monitor resolution you are going for. (it is counter-intuitive i know...people think it is GPU, CPU etc.). Think about it, what is your connection with the games you play if not your screen. It is the excellence criterion, all else is entry criterion.

The 3 resolutions you can go for is full hd (1080p), 1440p and 4k ultra. I have chosen the cheapest one....1080p and used it to determine my PC configuration.

The monitor i have gone for is the 22" Dell LED Monitor ( E2218HN ). It costs 8000 Rs/- I think you need a 22" monitor for the best gaming experience (May be a bit more like a 24" but lets go with this for now....)

(2) CPU + Motherboard : When it comes to CPU for gaming, there is only 1 option really and it is Intel. The reason behind this is the fact that almost all games dont use more than 4 cores very well and so single core speed, IPC and GHz is the key, and this is where I think Intel shines.

Anyways, the CPU i feel is the best value for money is the I5-8400. And the motherboard for that is
Gigabyte H310. The total cost for this is : 20,000 Rs/-

(3) GPU : When it comes to GPU, the most important question you need to ask is, what is the purpose of my rig. In my case, the answer is simple : Gaming at 60 fps at max setting and streaming at 1080p. With that in mind, there are really only 3 GPUs that are in contention : Geforce GTX : 1050ti OC 4gb, 1060 3GB and 1060 6 GB.

I went for the middle option since the 1st option gave less than 60 fps for some games according to popular benchmarks (though only slightly, and at max setting). By the way, 60 fps is the key here because our eye-brain circuit doesn't recognise that what is shown in front of us isnt continuous, but moving pictures. Cost : 19000 Rs/-

(4) RAM : Again, Its a simple choice for anybody, you need to go for 8GB DDR4 RAM. If things dont work out for some reason, you have 1 more slot to remedy your condition. (I dont forsee this to be a major problem though seeing the rigs gamers have). It comes for : 5900Rs/-

(5) Storage : For the budget we have, we need to go for a 1 TB HDD. Seagate baracuda is the best. It comes for : 3250 Rs/-

Along with this, it is very mentally relieving to have an SSD. The thing with the SSD is that it is EXTREMELY fast and VERY expensive on a Rs/- per GB ratio. I dont know a lot about SSDs. There are many types of SSDs here : Sata, M.2, pcie. All i know is that sata SSDs are the cheapest and the least fast (if that makes sense) and they are compatible with all Motherboards.
If you go for more expensive ones, please make sure that your motherboard architecture and BIOS can handle it.

SSDs are use for your OS and commonly used programs. So, they dont need a lot of space. I have been using my current laptop for 5+ years and havent filled up more than 40 GB on my C folder.

The SSD i will recomment is : Kingston A400 120GB SATA 3 for : 2200 Rs/- (My choice.)
Samsung 860 Evo 250GB 2.5-Inch Sata iii for : 5720 Rs/-

Note, the second SSD give 2 times the space and roughly 2 times the speed. But, i feel it is useless since you wont need more than 100 GB for any software (Windows 10 need 20 GB, vlc, IDM, Mozilla, chrome, etc. etc. etc. need 20 GB, big games need some thing like 10 GB). But the 2x faster writing speed is handy. Keep checking on your crash logs : they can go upto several 10s of GBs and clutter up your precious SSD.

(6) Cabinet + SMPS : I dont know much about cabinets except that medium cabinets are the way to go and you need to be aware of the glass-tinted cabinets since they can throttle air flow, though that isn't a major concern if you dont have too many computers in the same room. I went for the option : Corsair Carbide Series CC-9011050-WW Mid-Tower Steel Gaming Case with Red LED (Black) for : 3,100 Rs/-

As for the smps, the first noob thing you need to know is that smps is the same as power supply :)
The next thing you need to know is that there are 2 ways of determining which is the best priced smps for you:

The 1st way is by looking at the certification : anything equal to or above the bronze certification is good. In the sense that it will not harm your rig.

The 2nd way is looking at the 12 Volt wire and seeing its amperage value on the technical specs and multiplying them to see what wattage it is getting since this is what powers you GPU and CPU. The requirement is around 300 W . all else are roughly 30 and hence your amperage should be grater than 330/12 = 27.5 (Amperes) and your total wattage should be above 300/ effieciency.

I would recommend a good 450 W smps or if you want to be totally safe, go for 550W.

The conclusion is the best SMPS is : Antec NE 550M (bronze certified) and the cost is : 4000

If you are are a gaming enthusiast like myself, you will want to also concentrate some moolah into purchasing gaming quality peripherals. Let us look at some of them.

(7) Webcam : Here come the problem, though not a major one. Since I am gonna be streaming games and not vlogs, videos of myself etc., my webcam capture is gonna be 1/8 th of the total screen size if that. So, i dont really need high end webcams. Hence, I have decided to go for the Logitech 270 webcam. It has a 720p output which is more than necessary for all purposes. I dont think you should spend any more moeny on this. Cost of webcam : 1500 Rs/-

(8) Mouse : I dont know a lot about mice...what i do know is I am perhaps not gonna do insane mouse flicks that pros do since I am not gonna go for that and so the best reasonably cost mouse for budget gaming that i have found based on multiple recommendations is the 6000 dpi :
Corsair harpoon and the cost is : 1500 Rs/-

(9) Keyboard : The best keyboard are mechanical keyboards in terms of long lasting, click satisfaction (!) and ease of gaming. By far the best mechanical keyboard in India is the TVS Gold USB Keyboard. Until recently, it used to use the cherry mx blue switches but recently it has started using the chinese long hua ones. They are not as good, but they will easily suffice. Cost of keyboard : 1800 Rs/-

(10) Headphone : Ok, remember how I said that the most important performance criteria for a PC is its monitor? Well, the 2nd most important criteria is the headset. It is what makes a gaming experience exhilarating or indeed tiring and the best budget Headphone based on many recommendations that i have received are : Hyper X Cloud Stinger and the cost is : 3500Rs/-

(11) O/S : Finally, we come to the software and OS, as an Indian and a layman to the O/s starwars that seems to happen everywhere, let me tell you that Microsoft is the best OS if your purpose with an Os is that you never have to think about it again !!!! And the latest and the best version of that is the Microsoft Window 10 Home edition 64 bit and the cost is : 9000 Rs/-

And that does it laymen and gentle ladies....
The total cost comes out to be some where in the ball park of 81000 Rs/-
Enjoy your 60+ fps 1080p gaming and streaming.
Have a nice day and please give feed back.