Question Advice on extending WiFi range

Jun 9, 2022
Hey, I have mediacom cable/internet and have speeds of 1gig download. My modem and router are located in the front of my house and things hard wired get full speed and things in the first few rooms top out around 500-600 download.

The problem comes with the back of my house where speeds drop to around 20-50mbs. I’ve tried everything I could think (new modems and routers, extenders, moving the modem) but was told our house has a lot of metal in the walls and it stops the signal.

I recently discovered moca adapters and am looking into those. My concern tho from what I can tell is that they are Ethernet connected to a single device. Is this true? Is there a way to connect it to a extender if some kind to boost wifi in the back of the house? The room I am attempting to fix is a gaming room that has multiple divorces and computers for my children.

Thanks for any advice you can give!