Advice on New Dell Desktop


Nov 27, 2008
I'm looking to purchase a new Dell desktop for the family. It'll be used for surfing the internet, kid's homework, loading pictures and games. I had a $2000 budget in mind. I only buy from Dell- I've always been happy with their products and service.

I want to make this future proof and I know the Intel i7 is the latest processor. This gives me 2 choices with Dell- the Studio XPS or the 730x. On paper the Studio XPS seems to give us all we want: fastest processor and RAM, best monitor- SP2208W, new speakers, and decent graphics card- 512MB ATI Radeon HD 4850. The Studio XPS also fits better in the space- and it costs less. But the XPS isn't referred to as a Gaming system- I'm was thinking that was just marketing, BUT:

The Studio XPS weighs about 16 pounds and has a 360 Watt power supply. The 730X uses the same processor and RAM, but it weighs 47 pounds and has a 80 + 1KW power supply and a gaming sound card. It also can come with a CrossFireX, Dual ATI Radeon HD 4850 512MB grahics cards. The 730X does have an inferior monitor- 2208WFP, but the Studio XPS seems like a toy compared to the 730X due to it's size. The 730X would be only $400 more the way I configured it if I use my old speakers from the system I'm replacing.

Thanks in advance for everyone's help.
It would seem to me that the only thing holding the Studio XPS from being expanded in the future is the power supply, while the 730X is more "expasion capable" as is. The single HD4850 card that comes with the XPS is a good gaming card, but will probably start falling short in future months/years as games continue their ever more demanding requirements. For myself or friends/family i'd probably recommend the Studio XPS and I would just be prepared to replace the power supply when it was time to replace the graphic card. If doing that type of upgrading isn't something you want to do (good chance it would void the warranty) then spend the extra for the 730X. Good luck.


Sep 11, 2006
dell typically under rates their power supplies. i have a xps 420 (last years) and have added 2 hard drives and have no problems. also, i do believe dell is using standard atx psu so its easier to upgrade