Advice or info for a 1st time Intel buyer...


Feb 27, 2009
Okay here's my dilemma...

I'm an AMD Biased kind of guy on most days, so I'm looking for someone's view from the Intel side, when it comes to gaming, I want to eventually run some form of SLI/Crossfire configuration, and I was wondering does anyone here have a current Intel based setup, on the i3-i7 processors section?

I'd like to hear from you how well do they do in regulated temps, FSB's, RAM Clocks, RAM OC's, normal CPU clocks, CPU OC's, but any information from someone that has, and uses them it would be great to hear from you, I'll just sit back and await the answers, oh also you can click on my forum handle, you can see my current system info there.

Thanks Nos-Victus! :D
Go to the systems section, post you budget and your needs. People will help you out on your new build.

About your other query, the new intel Sandy Bridge is one hell of a processor. One of the best things in the market right now. They OC like hell in stock cooling and are fast. Frankly AMD does not have any answers to the punches thrown by Intel right now, except dropping prices and hoping for a miracle. That is until BD releases.

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