Question After playing games for hour or so (with good and stable fps) my GPU and CPU drops instantly

Nov 24, 2019
For example on Overwatch in the middle on the most intense fight you can get with all the ults my GPU usage is around 50-60 and CPU around 40-50 and my fps doesn't drop below 150 (usually in the high 200+). but after playing few games I realize that my CPU GPU usage is both around 10-20 and in big fights they usage doesn't go up, therefore my fps drops down to the 60's...
What might be the problem ?
Edit : CPU and GPU temps are fine in both cases...
Edit 2 : System specs :
Ryzen 5 1600 stock clock
GTX 1070ti Asus strix stock clock
16GB RAM 2400Mhz
2 cooling fans on cases
3 on GPU (or 2 im not sure ^^)
and one stock on Ryzen CPU
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Nov 27, 2019
But the ryzen 5 1600 should only bottleneck by a few fps, not by huge amounts it might also mean that your cpu and gpu are throttling.

What brand, rating and wattage is your Power supply?
sorry forgot to point out that temps are fine (around 50's) in both cases....
How are you determining internal case temp around 50?

If airflow's wrong the GPU can suck back in it's own hot exhaust air and motherboard mounted temp sensors not even know it. Since the GPU's throttling itself to keep temp down you'll see a 'normal' GPU temp and assume everything's great.

Open up the case and let it have free airflow to see if getting cool air to the GPU helps.