Question After updating bios, VGA Red LED is lit, no signal ?

Oct 22, 2020
Hello guys, please help me, 😢 I’m running out of ideas, 😢

I’m a first time builder,
my pc specs
ryzen 5 2600
b450 aorus elite v2
rtx 2060 super
evga 600 watts
1tb hdd
2x8 16gb ram

I was currently studying because I have exam, my pc suddenly blue screen its says irl not less or equal, I was frutrated these days that my pc is having blue screen, I try many things before my pc wont like boot: updating gpu drivers, windows updated, checking malwares, checking memtest86, windows diagnostic tool, checking disk, scanning, trouble shoot, using command prompt of bcsedit/ set {default} bootmenupolicy legacy because I have tons of bsod randomly with different error of stop code but I got fix them, except for the last one IRL NOT LESS OR EQUAL.

So I was reallly frustrated, because all of my hardwares are new, and then I tried to find a solution again wether Im not sure my bios is updated it says f51 so 2019 bios outdated so I try to look for the gigabyte site and downloded the latest version f52 then I tried windows bios update at launch app of gigabyte, after that bios update it was smooth I was scrolling and scanning then I also check for my nvidia driver and scanning for what could be incompatability of my gpu drivers, ita says I need java, so I downloaded the java, then less than a hour my pc got bsod of IRL not less or equal then restarted so IT BEGINS THE VGA LED IS LIT, No display, my fans are spinning, my ram is functioning, my aio is also functiioning, the keyboard, the mouse, except the screen which it says no signal 🥺 I tried:

removing cmos battery
Reseating gpu, and puting gpu at the sencond pcie slot

so far that was the only things thay I have done please help me this was my first computer 🥺 I worked hard for this, by my own money, Im no expert in tech things, I’m but trying I’m medical professional worker, (nurse) and this pc was gift for myself hardwork for helping patient with Covid, please I help me I dont know what to do, I don’t have any money to buy new peripherals, this a newly built pc 🥺 what is the solution, like reassemble the pc parts?

thank you 🥺


Sep 21, 2020
Just sharing my thoughts on this...
...except the screen which it says no signal...
By assuming graphic card is working properly, there can only be one reason for that: connection between graphic card and monitor. Try to use another cable, try to use another input connector on your monitor (if available), or even try another monitor.

From what I could find, IRL NOT LESS OR EQUAL errors (can) happen, if video signal is not processed inside predicted time -that's very rough description, so don't take it literally. My thoughts: when you got that message, it was indication that "something" is wrong (with delivering video signal) and it ended with "no signal" -same as monitor isn't plugged in at all (anymore).