Question AiO Windows 10 PC Shuts off after 5 minutes of sitting at recovery menu, is this normal?


May 28, 2015
I am trying to diagnose a client's PC. Previously their PC wouldn't stay on, it would just turn on and off repeatedly (while passing POST). They ordered a new power cord (by my recommendation) and now it will only stay on for 5 minutes at the recovery menu before shutting off. Client says it has to be manually turned back on. I know this may be a newbie fix, but please help; An OS install is needed as well and I dont' know how long it'll stay on during the installation and I don't want to risk ruining the hard drive. Need info by tomorrow morning as the client wants it fixed then.
May need a hard drive replacement. If you have a Linux bootable disk, boot from that. The longer you let it try to do recovery etc, the more you potentially damage their data.

I personally recommend parted magic. It will cost 10-15 bucks for a download, but you create a bootable flash drive, it's got utilities for resetting local passwords, partitioning, testing hard drives, etc. If the computer is 3-5 years old, I'd be willing to guess hard drive. Personally hate working on all in ones. Some of them are a pain.

Btw, don't let clients push you around. And make sure you are getting paid what you are worth, which does not mean being the cheapest tech in town if you know what you're doing. Used to do computer work as a side gig. Work in IT full time now and don't have as much time as I used to.