Question Airplane mode/Firewall screwing up my internet


Jul 22, 2013
Yesterday I was on my Acer Notebook via wireless connection. I also have a desktop. After shutting down the Notebook for a couple of hours, I rebooted it and could not get on the internet, although i have no problem with the desktop. I somehow completely lost all Network information. Tweaking i came across some variables why this may have happened. First, Firewall may be blocking it, then airplane mode and etc. I went through all methods on how to disable airplane mode, but doubt i have any success. Firewall on/off use to be simple prior to win 10, but now its made more complicated. You never know if you succeeded in turning it on or off. In noifications, I see airplane mode and it says to click on that'box' to turn it off. ..again no verification....then i go to system and security and there i see airplane mode with the "on' button chosen. I tried to slide it to "off", but its stationary..cannot be slid. So that is what i am up against. I do not know how I got into this mess in the first place. I never fooled with the internet on that Notebook..proof is that my desktop is working just fine.