Question Alot of packet loss


This result is not what you think it is and probably has no link to your gaming problem. You are seeing routers on the path to your ping test destination (google public dns) drop 100% of your packets, they are programmed not to respond hence these figures, it will normally be within your ISP network. You need to ping your router, your ISP first hop and your game server whilst playing your game for a proper result. The ping plotter you have shared means very little.


Monitoring your network is a good start. If you have a spare pc with two network cards you can use free router software. you can't really say it's outside your network if you haven't looked at your own. some program could be doing short downloads or uploads.

Signs of congestion in a trace route don't really pin down where it's at. The trace route does two things. It surveys for ips. Then it pings each one a fixed number of times. None of the pings are related to each other they are all independent. an example is lets say it's congested from your own activity. your next hop is where packets will buffer because the pipe is full from downloads / your modem for uploads. the traceroute is pinging all these destinations. it's somewhat random which pings drop which is why you see the signs of bufferbloat on all the external addresses. your ping to your router is good. number three is good and its likely your wan public which you should blur. four might be the isp main hub which might be where they set the limiters and would explain why its the first place you see bufferbloat.
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