[SOLVED] AMD APU + Nvidia GPU = crashes.? Radeon not truly uninstalling?

Treasure Goblin

Jan 12, 2016
MSI A88XM Gaming Mobo


Windows 10

AMD A10 7850k

GTX 1050 Ti

So, I ran DDU after installing the NVIDIA drivers. Right clicking on the desktop shows not only NVIDIA control panel, but also Radeon control panel.. APU is disabled in device manager, I've run DDU for AMD drivers, then tried to even reinstall the NVIDIA ones after, and the Radeon drivers keep coming back. When he tries to boot League of Legends, (another game; Deceit, works) he gets a Direct X error/crash. We've done all we could think of to troubleshoot League, and I know it has to be the "driver" conflict. Why won't Radeon actually uninstall? I've never found anything about this problem persisting after running DDU. In the "add/remove programs" screen, there's nothing about AMD there, at all. Tried updating Direct X, nothing. Should've mentioned that first.

Worth noting is that the radeon drivers seem to always come back? Right clicking the desktop will show Radeon Control Panel missing, then it'll be there minutes later. I'm seriously losing my mind over this. Monitor is plugged into the GPU, display in DXDiag says "1050 Ti" as the adapter, my friend even went into device manager and "uninstalled" the AMD APU

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