Question AMD APU R7 5700G Voltage too high

Jan 1, 2022
Hello guys,

While discussing with a friend about OC, I actually took a look at the Voltages of my CPU which was not OCed it runs on stock settings.

VDDCR is on Auto but I see in HWinfo and HWMonitor and AMD Ryzen Master that the peak Voltage is at 1.47-1.49 while doing nothing. Now after that discussion I found out that high Voltages will reduce the life of the CPU faster and I don't want that.

Here is a screenshot of the Info in HWMonitor Imgur: The magic of the Internet

So my question is if this is normal and there is no harm or should I get in BIOS and change it from Auto to Manual and input a lower Voltage?
I have a 5600G.

Ran Prime95 small FFT and HWinfo on a couple scenarios:
1 core/2 threads, 4.6GHz, 1.44V
6 core/12 threads, 4GHz, 1.2V

I don't use Ryzen Master. I just do the settings in BIOS.
I have PBO curve optimizer at -20 for all cores.
PBO boost limit set to +200MHz (hence single core of 4.6 being 200MHz greater than the advertised 4.4GHz max boost for the 5600G)
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Its normal to see voltages like that at idle, as the CPU boosts a core here and there, you will see voltages up to close to 1.5v, at full load it should be quite a bit lower, and some boards do like to be a little more aggressive with PBO, you got nothing to worry about. My 5800x jumps to 1.48 at stock PBO settings, its how these CPU's work, I sit around 1.2v at full load.