AMD Athlon 64 x2 4000+ brisbane


Oct 24, 2009
I have AMD Athlon 64 x2 4000+ brisbane CPU on Gigabyte M52L-S3 v.F1 (nvidia MPC61 chipset) with 3Gb ram (800Mhz). When I OC my CPU on 2.7MHz (clock on 260) it runs normally with no overheating (works on 50 +/- 2 Celsius), when I try to OC on 2.9Mhz - clock on 280 it wont save it just load normal settings (2.1Mhz) Is it possible to OC on 2.9 on this motherboard, or not?



It may be possible to overclock your 4000+ Brisbane to 2.9 GHz on that board, but maybe not. It is a locked chip which makes overclocking a lot more difficult. Increasing the HT bus reference clock is the only way to overclock this chip but this also overclocks the HT bus, chipset, and RAM. Any of these can cause your system to be unstable. You should try to drop the multipliers for the HT bus and the RAM to avoid overclocking those if you haven't already. The Brisbane is an HT2 chip so you don't want to get much over 1 GHz for the HT link speed- drop the multiplier from the stock 5x to 3x and your 280 MHz ref clock will run the bus at an easy 840 MHz where it won't cause trouble. Ditto with the RAM- at stock there is a 2:1 divider for the RAM, so your 280 ref clock makes the RAM run at DDR2-1120 which is pretty darned fast. Drop the divider to 4:3 (DDR2-533) and your 280 ref clock will cause the RAM to run at DDR2-745. If you do both of those and are still unstable, you may need to add voltage to the CPU or northbridge (watch the temps.)

If you still can't get beyond 260ish ref clock, that may be all you can get. It's still 30% overclock on a locked chip which is nothing to sneeze at. The fastest Brisbane chips sold were 3.1 GHz (X2 6000+) and the Brisbanes were not all that great of overclockers. The unlocked X2 5000+ units which allowed you to overclock just the CPU without touching the ref clock, only went a few hundred MHz higher than the X2 6000+ even with massive cooling and a bunch of voltage. Not all chip generations overclocked all that well. The generation after Brisbane (the first Phenoms) didn't overclock very well, neither do the two most recent Intel generations (Ivy Bridge and Haswell.) The latter two go up to 4.0 GHz stock but overclockers are doing very well if they can get them to 4.4-4.5 GHz.

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