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When it comes to hardware I am relatively a newbie. Hence, my first question: what is the difference between DDR and Athlon?

I was examining's AMD barebones systems @

I haven't been able to determine the difference between the DDR and Athlon systems. As you can see if you go to the link supplied, that there are different types of mobo specs in the first drop down box of each possible barebones system. So my second question is which of any of these mobo specs would be suitable for BOTH gaming, and possibly running a webserver under linux (i.e. I want a dual boot for Linux, and Win 98).

Finally, are any of these mobos not compliant with win 98? not compliant with Redhat Linux? Can I find this type of info somewhere online? I imagine there must be some sort of list.

I am 100% without computer at home now, and I am trying to gather as much info as possible to start putting a new machine together.

Thanks for your time and efforts. It is greatly appreciated.


Mar 16, 2001
Athlon is a brand of CPU manufactured by AMD. DDR is a type of memory, the full name is DDR SDRAM, which stands for Double Data Rate - it's able to be read from and written to on both the rising and falling clock signal, thus the "Double"

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Ah, I see. I've heard DDR RAM is more expensive, and more annoying (although I don't know quite what to make of the latter adjective). So let's say I chose to grab an AMD Athlon board with a T-BIRD 1400(266MHz), 64x64 512MB PC133 RAM, and the ENLIGHT 7237/3 Specs Case. What are the differences between the following boards:

ASUS A7V133-Specs ($126) vs. AOPEN AK73 PROASpecs ($106)
vs. ABIT KT7A RAID-Specs ($125)

I don't understand the specs. I know what a RAID is, I think -- basically, an array of HD's typically found on servers. I don't think I would need this RAID. Alas, I am at a loss to the meaning of the aforementioned specs.


May 20, 2001
ddr ram is not really more expensive, check or go to to get the best prices on ddr sdram. as for annoying, that one ive never heard of, however to each his own. i personally have 1 gig athlon with 512 mg ddr sdram with no problems. also i not sure about the boards wo looking, but some boards such as asus a7m266 only work with ddr ram and vice versa. make sure you have a mobo, cpu, & ram that are all compatible before you purchase anything.

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