News AMD Extends Jedi CPU Bundle, Launches New Resident Evil 4 GPU Deal

AMD has launched a new game bundle that gives gamers a free copy of Resident Evil 4 when purchasing a qualifying Radeon RX 6000 or RX 7000 series desktop GPU or a laptop equipped with the same generation GPUs.

So, when are they giving a FREE RX 7000 or maybe even a 6000 series GPU, with a purchase of either RE4 or Star Wars Jedi: Survivor game ? I'm waiting for that day ! Inform me. :p


Companies: "We have to increase our prices because INFLATION!!!!"
Also companies: "Here's a bunch of 'free' stuff bundled with our stuff because it isn't selling anymore at our excessively inflated prices."

If you can afford bundling a bunch of 'freebies' people don't necessarily want to jazz up sales that tanked due to hyper-inflated prices, how about you just officially deflate the prices?

Makes me think of slum lord stories where people take a mortgage based on unrealistic rent projections on an unrealistically priced rental property, then cannot afford to lower rent to actually lease space since it would reduce the building's valuation below what the mortgage conditions were based on and they cannot afford covering the difference.
At this point, IMO it has become a desperation move for both AMD and Nvidia to offer unique or exclusive game bundles/sweepstakes with the purchase of any of their latest hardware.

Truth be told, I don't think this generation's RTX 40 series and the RX 7000 series of GPUs have given either of these companies a huge profit margin, or their targeted expected sales.