AMD Radeon™ R9 FURY X with 4GB HBM vs nvidia gtx 1080


Mar 29, 2016
which one has greater performance, bit rate and greater gaming facility ? AMD Radeon™ R9 FURY X with 4GB HBM or NVidia gtx 1080 with 8 gb ? this amd has the greatest bit rate I ve ever known but on the other side the NVidia is challenging that they ve made a card never made b4. plz guide me at yr earliest cuz I ve to purchase now...I want extreme graphics and extreme performance which card is better.


Dec 15, 2015

The 1080 is away better than the R9, moreover it has 8gb memory. So you have plenty of games and even future demanding games you can play with.

The 1080Ti is close almost there, and I think the 1080 will get cheaper (not sure).

So if you are in need and have money then get the 1080.


you have to look at the card as a whole. not only part of it. HBM is one of the new tech (that will enable massive bandwidth) but our gpu are not really that starved by lack of bandwidth. so that massive bandwidth on fury x did not pose any significant performance advantage to it. and massive bandwidth also useless without the raw performance of gpu to complement it. in Fury X vs 1080 case the 1080 simply have the advantage of raw performance.
It`s a bit of a tricky one to answer, but.

The Ati card has a memory bandwidth or bus width of 4096 for a fury X model card along with HBM high bandwidth memory.

The wider the data bus the more data you can pass down it in one clock cycle of a cpu or gpu in use.

How ever HBM memory only has a maximum speed frequency @ 1000Mhz.

Where as a Nvidia GTX 1080 card has GDDR5 memory that can run at higher clock speeds meaning it can do, or process more data in a shorter amount of time.

How well each card performs because they are pretty close in graphical processing, depends on how well the game was programmed for each type of gpu, since there are slight differences in how each handles data.

It can also depend on the rest of your specifications of your system, such as the type of cpu you are using, be it an Intel solution or an Amd one. Amount of system memory you have.

Percentage wise for performance you are looking at around 10% more powerful or slightly more between a GTX 1080 card and a Fury X Ati card. The cards are pitted pretty close to each other when it comes to performance.

So it`s a tough choice to make, bar the fact a Nvidia GTX 1080 card is, or should be more expensive to buy new off the shelf.

Bang for buck the Ati fury X wins in sheer performance based on the price you pay and what you get for the money asked for the card.

The choice is really down to pricing as a major factor.
One other thing to note is that the R9 Fury X came out about a year before the GTX 1080, and between those two generations of cards there was a rather significant process shrink, from 28nm down to 14 and 16nm on the current-generation cards from AMD and Nvidia. That allows the newer cards to operate more efficiently, and therefore cooler, helping the 1080 to be faster while drawing significantly less power, and emitting less heat.

Going by Userbench at least, the GTX 1080 is around 50% faster on average...

The Tom's GTX 1080 review also more or less mirrored these results in their benchmarks...,4572.html
While the Fury X came within 10% or so in some games, in others the 1080 got far more performance. Of course, it's also a more expensive card at this point.

AMD hasn't released any high-end cards above the RX 480 yet this generation, though those should be arriving within a few months or so when they launch their Vega GPUs. There's no telling how those will perform yet though.