Question AMD Radeon Driver Update / Installation --> System Freeze

Sep 8, 2019
Hey guys,

I had this exact issue a few weeks back, and I could resolve it with a post here. But that wont work again. But lets start from the beginning:
I want to upgrade my driver from 19.10 to 19.11 for Jedi Fallen Order.
When I start the Installation the window shows "Looking for new drivers" (Or similar, dont know whats it called in the english version of the driver). After about 10s my mouse starts lagging, till it freezes (and the complete system I think). Shortly after that the complete system crashes and restarts.

For the Update from 19.9 to 19.10 I could resolve this by manually installing the vcredist package in the driver folder itself. But that wont work, because I cant install the vcredist, because it says, I got another version installed. (I reinstalled all C++ stuff I had, which took almost an hour due to many missing files and folder. But know I installed 2005-2008-10-12-13 and 17).

Thsi timt eh C++ stuff has no effect for the installation.
What I tried beside of that: DDU and tried to deinstall the driver in safe mode. The status bar shows "complete" but after that the system freezes and crashes. After the reboot I see that there is no driver installed. In the Windows Manager I tried to install the driver manually, starts, seems to work, but then freeze and crash

-I downloaded the AMD Driver Uninstall Thing, but the second I start the exe my system freezes instant

Everything else works perfectly fine, every game, every programm. Every system driver or anyhting I can think of works like a charm. Has anyone any idea what to try?
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