News AMD Releases Long Overdue Unified Driver for Radeon 7000/6000 GPUs


Just a heads up.

I installed these a couple hours ago and ran into a Windows repair boot loop and had to use a restore point to go back to 11.2 drivers.

Some other people have reported this in the reddit thread.

And now a few hours later I solved the issue some of you may need to disable Fast Boot in your bios before the driver install. After that it installed windows rebooted normally I have since renabled fast boot and everything is good now.
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Feb 15, 2023
AMD has finally deployed the Adrenalin Edition 23.2.1 driver for Radeon RX 7000-series (RDNA 3) and RX 6000-series (RDNA 2) graphics cards. It also supports older GPUs and includes new features and performance uplifts that previously were part of the 7000-series drivers.

AMD Releases Long Overdue Unified Driver for Radeon 7000/6000 GPUs : Read more

If anyone else's adrenalin software fails to open after driver update run RSXPackage.msix in c:/program files/AMD/CNext/CNext fixed it for me.
As an old AMD user, I'll wait until a few weeks have gone in, if not the next release, so they check all the breaking bugs they could be introducing on this one. AMD put a lot of pressure on the engies behind the drivers, and when management puts the foot down, there's always a high chance of relaxing rules in favour of getting the software out faster.