Review AMD Ryzen 5 5600X3D Review: New Mid-Range Gaming Champ Is a Micro Center Exclusive

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in this case, when i went back with the issue, told the employee what the issue seems to be, and what i did to come to that conclusion, he looked right at me, and told me i have no idea what i am doing, and walked away, but yet, another store i also go to, i was talking with the owner of that one, told him what i tried, and said, defective, take it back.

never stepped foot in that store again, any ncix here.
Yeah, it sounds like you just encountered a random dumba$$. When I worked at Tiger Direct, there were a few people working there who made me wonder how the hell they managed to get hired. One of them had trouble telling the difference between RAM and drive space. I remember him talking about an upcoming craptop with "500GB of memory" which just made me :rolleyes:.


Feb 3, 2015
I think that you mean that I will be glad, not sad. ;)(y)

The last thing I bought from Amazon was a few Pink Floyd T-Shirts because a family member bought me an Amazon gift card for my birthday. I thanked them but also asked them to never get me an Amazon gift card again because I hate that company. I said "Just get me a Costco gift card if you want to get me a gift card." because I go to Costco all the time. :giggle:
Hehe i mean sad but I'm sarcastic which did not come in my post :)
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Aug 28, 2023
Informative as always - I have a dedicated simrig for DCS/MSFS/IL2 and the 5600x3D is a good replacement for my 5800X.

Also does anyone else think Paul Acorn probably crushes skulls for fun when he's not writing articles for TomsHardware? Dude looks yoked.