Question AMD Ryzen 5600x extremely high temps on Idle

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Jun 8, 2023
I have the Following Setup :
  • CPU : AMD Ryzen 5 5600X
  • Cooler : Stock
  • Motherboard : MPG B550 Gaming Plus (MS-7C56)
  • BIOS Firmware : E7C56AMS.1D0 ( 2023-04-28 )
  • Room Temperature : 24 Celsius / 75.2 Fahrenheit
  • Case : Coolermaster Cosmos 1000
Everything is from a complete Upgrade a few months ago (GPU , CPU , RAM , Mobo).

I am experiencing high Temperatures at idle , usually around 65 and reaches easily 91 when on load. It has never gone above 93 even on stress for 30 minutes.
Note 1: I have applied Thermal Paste twice. That is certainly not the issue. I had the same exact Temperatures on the first application and when i opened it to apply the second time , there was no issue with the application. The thermal paste was on spot and the Heat Sink solidly attached to its base.
Note 2: I noticed that the Fan Speed is at 45% even while the CPU is reaching 90+ Celsius.
Note 3: No changes in Temperatures if i have the Lids open or not.


These are two screenshots from my Bios Software displaying the Version and the Fan Control. I have not activated anything. I have left everything in BIOS on default regarding OC and generally performance.



Here is a Screenshot in sequence while running cinebench. I have attached the Start , at 4 Minute mark and at 10 minutes.

Any ideas on how to solve this issue?
Jun 8, 2023
@thestryker A few posts above yours i have attached a Screenshot that shows clock being at 1.1Ghz while idling. It seems that downclocking is working as intended.

@Misgar It is on Auto. While being on Auto it is generally available for Vendors to apply OC techniques on their products which is not uncommon and i believe that it will become "default" in the near future. That is the reason i distinguish it form the other OC techniques and classify it as a "default" setting. This is a personal opinion though , indeed.

@hotaru.hino I followed your advice and disabled both PBO and CPB and have been using the PC for a few hours. At the moment , while the ambient temp at the room is around 27 Celsius , the CPU is at 37 -38 Celsius. I also see though that the clock speed drops below 1Ghz reaching about 900 Mhz , whereas prior to disabling it , it never went below 1.1Ghz. So i have an almost 12% improvement which is substantial. Apparently a minor OC was being held while having PBO enabled in the BIOS.
At idle your CPU utilization should be 0% to 1%, maybe 2% with most or all cores "Asleep" as indicated in the clockspeed section of Ryzen Master. Your information indicates 10% utilization, 1.1Ghz 36% of PPT. Something is clearly running in the background. Your system is not at "idle". Even if your clocks were locked at 4.4Ghz at idle you would still see low temps, low power consumption, and parked cores. Find whatever process is running, kill it and check your temps at proper idle.
Jun 8, 2023
After a couple of days of testing , with minor changes in speeds / curves / etc , i think i have reached a good point and can call it a day. This is a screenshot while having pretty low utilization (About 1% as also indicated by the sleeping cores):


Generally though the results are the following :
  • At about 8-10% Utilization which is pretty much the "standard" load while on , it hovers around 37-38 Celsius.
  • In games it never goes above 50 Celsius.
Everything while having both PBO and CPB deactivated. I believe its fine.

Concluding ( For anyone stumbling in the future ) :
  • Clearing CMOS as a first step helped to reduce the Temps by a few degrees.
  • Having PBO "enabled" does mess a lot with the Temperatures even when not under Stress. There seems to be a constant OC running behind while PBO is enabled (probably by the vendor) that greatly affects Temperatures.
  • Fans where not important in my scenario. I even purchased new ones which i ended up not using. My final setup is One Fan on Intake (bottom) and one Exhaust ( Back ) and the rest of the spots unused.
  • NH-D15 is a beast.